People watch


There is this indian guy,with three of his friends. He is the only one sitting up,while three of his friends are just laying down on the green cushions. So far,he has been doing all the talking,pretty loud too. But he keeps cracking jokes and the girl would laugh along cheerfully. He is wearing the blue ngee ann tee,with a dog tag necklace around his necklace. He has curly hair with thick eyebrows and does most of the talking. 

In grey bermudas,he is sitting on the sofa while his friends lie on the green cushion. He turns around with his back facing me,and his bermuda reveals a striking red boxer with little white spots?  (Not that i particularly notice it,its just too striking.) He has dark blue shoes with orange socks on.

Costa Jacinto Anacleto
BLK 539 JURONG WEST AVE 1 #12-1036 564 9683 

Person number 2. 

A malay guy just sat down across me and he either wearing sunglass or spectacles or maybe a custom make of both as he is still wearing it in the library. And he is reading the papers now. He has on his wrist a white adidas watch on the left hand and a maroon bracelet on the other. 

Also a dog tag hanging across his shirt. His shirt has red stripes concentrated in the middle,together with brown shorts and slippers.
He made a phone call on enquiry for some job interview. He carries a purple case ,the kind to keep your papers in and together in it are some pens or pencils. Along with a hotdog,probably bought from the “Each-a Cup” cafe.  He has short brown hair,and a aura of confidence as his movements and his tone through the phone shows so. He starts to eat the hotdog while reading the papers standing up every once or so to get a different newspaper. He holds up the hotdog container,  and probably is afraid of dripping the sauce all over the carpet in the library as it is rather hard to wash the stains away. 


Jokobsen Claus Rinngard 
808 Thomson Rd #09-18 358 1077



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  1. Good observations but you’re missing your own take on what the people might be doing there and what you think they’re feeling.

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