1) Sally taps her fingers impatiently as the cashier scans her checkout items slowly. She swear she saw the cashier girl whistling under her breath.

2) Harry inserts the key into the ignition,he releases a sigh of relief and looks up toward the blue cloudless sky.

3)”Thank you very much sir! That would be $5.90 for you.” said the salesgirl.

4) Once upon a time… there was a boy who sits in his living room on a saturday night,staring wide-eyed at a half naked Britney Spears dancing on Mtv.

5) It was a dark and stormy night,no one in Rivervalley ever dares to leave the house on a pouring night. Suddenly,a sharp rap was heard in the Kingstone house.

6)The little girl skopped merrily through the forest humming under her breath happily.

7) Sam paced the room back and forth in a attempt to calm down as he knew a important call was coming.

8 ) “I HATE YOU MOM! You always do this to me,it issnt fair!” yelled a teary eyed sally. She stomped out of the room angrily.

9)The door bell rang continously,”Sarah! Sarah!”, a man’s urgent voice was heard shouting through the font door.

10) May pouted her lips,flipped her hair and tilted her head up. With her mouth open,as all girls do,she starts applying mascara thinking what a great day it was going to be.

11)The crowd went wild as a tall,attractive young man enters the stage,with a confident smile. He approaches the microphone and starts to say something,or instead sing something.

12) With the wind blowing through her hair,Mary steedily rides on her bicycle to school. She turns around the block as the school come in sight.

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  1. A lot of your openers don’t have much action happening in them, such as Number 3, which makes them really uneventful. Try to have action in your openers, that’ll make a good opener because then people will have a reason to read on. I think Number 1 is your best – it’s quite sinister and very intriguing.

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