50 word stories

Sarah leaves the house with a grocery list in hand. She skips to the grocery store, whistling under her breath. She picked a rotten apple for her mom the last time, and this time she was going to be careful. While paying , she realized she forgot to bring money.

Tim looks down toward his hands, he’s holding a pair of paddle. He continues rowing the boat he found himself in. As he turns his head to check out his surroundings he sees a beautiful lady seated behind him. Suddenly,he woke up with a jerk. It has all been a dream.

Falie walks out to the crowd. She braces herself and picks up the microphone. “Here we go guys!” , she said, and with that she sang. The crowd loves her. BOOF. Falie jumped and looks up to a stern foreign creature that just slammed her history book on her table.

Closing his eyes, he drifts off to sleep. Out of nowhere the sound of flapping wings could be heard in his room. He peeks under his eyelid and sees a man standing in his room. The man turns towards him flashing a pair of fangs. He shuts his eyes quickly.

Tears rolled down Samatha’s cheeks. She cries out painfully as she slits her wrist slowly. She felt like torturing herself was the only way to ease her pain from love. She reached for Tenox and swallowed down all the pills. Soon everything is going to be over, she thought sadly.

At her deathbed, she thought of the one whom she yearned for his touch since he was gone. “Finally, together we’ll be.” she mumbled. She couldn’t wait to close her eyes, because she knew that the next moment she opened them, it will be paradise, for the both of them.

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  1. What is Tenox? Haywire …

  2. oh haha sorry tenox is its short form.its Temazepam, a kind of drug.

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