Visual Kei

I can still remember, the first band i listened to was most probably Luna Sea. When i was still taking my PSLE, my brother would always blast their songs and i cant help but listen to them.Once he even brought his friends over to jam when i was studying (HAHA), i was surprised though. No one rang our door bell. 

But til now, i think my favourite vk band is still Luna Sea.THEY ARE AWESOMEEEEE. Even though the vocal has some kind of weird hairstyle (they call it currypok hair i dunno why), fangirls go crazy over him. But i love their songs, never got sick of them. 

^ Sugizo is at the far right. He is my favourite in the band , hahahahhahahaha. (typical)


How can we miss out Japan’s no.1 Visual kei band. X JAPAN~~~!!
Not crazy for them but their music is kick assss, and hide is awesome. ( The pink hair guy)
But he died.
And that guy in the middle,why does he look like some hot caucasian guy in that photo.
Thats yoshiki ❤ 

I bet you guys know the band KISS right?

They said that the old Japan’s visual kei band hairstyle was inspired by KISS.



Yoshiki looks goooodd (middle), hide doesnt look like hide ( 2nd from right)

Luna sea



And than it slowly transformed into the mullet hairstyle.

Not this but..


hahahahahha and girls. 




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Ugh. My toe had this bubble kinda bump and it felt pretty uncomfortable. 
Therefore,my itchy hands decided to peel them off. Like,i didn’t expect it to HURT.

Like pain. Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh 😥
Like i peeled my skin off,i thought it was dead skin.
But nooo it wasn’t. 

Jiro sent me this, i thought it was pretty hilarious. 
😀 😀 😀



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Library is actually really fun.

Im serious,since litle i always liked reading books. The really interesting ones,i remember when i stayed at my grandma’s house for like a week,i would borrow 8 books ( thats when there is this book borrow promotion where u can loan twice the amount) and i would just read and read the whole day. Even when i eat , i would read ( a bad habit that i still haven’t kicked out of yet) although i rarely have time to eat at home and if i do i would eat in my room or bring out my laptop and eat while surfing. 

Man i always digress. Anyway, i rarely read now and i really wish i have more time for myself now.


….But now, this is what we do in the library.
Cool much?



Recently just started watching this hk drama. Well, trina thought it looks boring i thought that at first too. Which was why when my brother first loaded this drama, i didn’t bother looking at it. 

Until that day where i was super bored and explored the drives.I snuck a preview of the show and the next thing i know i was eagarly watching the next episode! The show is so good i think i am gonna rewatch it.
Seriously, hk drama are actually pretty good! I seen this male lead and female in a couple of hk dramas. And yes, the female lead is in this show..

尋秦記A step into the past

My brother bought the vcd and i borrowed it from him to watch it again last year even though i already watched it when i was a kid on Channel 8. 
The vcd is still on my table now. And further more the lead is also my favourite actor! 
Watch this! I promise you, a excellent and thrilling show. 

Hmms, suddenly i spot a similarity in this 2 shows. Both of the lead are cops and female lead ends up madly in love with the male lead.  Hong Kong keep it up!

PS. Don’t get me wrong, usually im watching Japanese drama and anime. ( Sometimes korean but sometimes i cant stand the dragness 😦  )
PPS. Trina and Mel i bet you guys find this very cheena,hahaha learn some chinese and watch the 2 shows! VERY RECOMMENDED.
PPPS. I realised some paragraph is missing from my previous post,the reason i posted ” THE HULK-behind the scenes” video because almost everything in the film is dvfx, and i esp love the part where the hulk is holding the girl, and the girl has to act like she is talking to hulk but infact she is talking to a piece of paper. I cant find that video anymore so i just uploaded the other version. Its still cool  😀 

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Whats happening

Happy Belated birthday Melisssa! ( it was on tuesday,haha.)
We wanted to get her strawberry cheesecake,but i was working and felicia couldn’t find any. 
So she made her a card,we passed the card around to write and when it got to cauis..

hahaha he passed it to melissa!
It was super funny.
We went to bukit timah plaza,hahaha it was super fun!

i wish i could show the videos here. But lazy faz hasnt sent me them yet. 


Anyway these photos are the trip last friday to vivo.
hahaha everyone left early and it was left with just me melissa and trina.
[particular sentence for trina] I was super picky.
We were suppose to shop,but all i got was a ribbon and some random stuff.
That ribbon cost me $7. I dunno why i got it,hmms.

And than we tried again on saturday,me trina and melissa.
I bought a anna sui mascara and a f21 jacket. 


We watched iron man today. Faz,melissa,me,ben(and jerry),anthony and weihan.


Batman and Iron man parody

The Hulk Behind The Scene

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