Macintosh vs Windows?

i know. geez stop it guys,this issnt a boring topic okay! I love macintosh,i think it is like one of the best software ever. It doesnt hang,doesnt have that annoying blue screen or get virus. Its not user friendly but so what? You just have to learn how to use it,it has alot of secret function that can be really handy.

But first i need to rant about something pointless

Do you guys know how annoying it is to wait for a bus at the bus stop outside ngee ann?( i love ngee ann dont get me wrong,well….maybe except for the hill of torture) esp 61,that bus comes like every one hr and its always freaking crowded after school hours. Ugh,i just got home. It was like crazy busdriver instead of crazy taxi. HAHA,he was like accelerating,honking impaitently at cars or buses that blocks his way if they stop for 1 sec.

How do i know?

I WAS INFRONT. Even when i was getting on,with a whole crowd of students,he suddenly stood up and shouted,” There! There! There’s another one behind!” But whatever,i got on that bus. He accelerates and would suddenly brake then full acceleration and suddenly braking again.






ANYWAY,back to how much i love macintosh.

Look at this!




Fans should do this to prove themself true fans of macintosh. Ahem.

HAHA theres the apple program on saturday weeeeeee. I wanna join apple club. 8D

(oh shit my foot’s numb.You shld try touching your foot when its numb,feels dead.)

GUYS,i bet you will love this video and be a macintosh pro ;D
(ok fine,there is only faz,yutong,cauis and of cuz mr leslie in the class.)



””            AND for girls ;D



“And it also doubles as a cup holder.” HAHAHA.

A bunch of blonde guys making fun of mac. 
Its only because they are cute that makes the video half as bearable.

Cute but dumb :/ 

Window annoys me alot,running low on disk space. That stupid alert small window,and the blue system screen. And you have to keep restarting it and it wont go back in to desktop. Or it just restarts on its own sometimes.


      Don’t you ever fail me. I have trust and faith in you.


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  1. I support everything you said about the whole Mac vs Windows issue but what I really wanna hear about is the bus driver – sounds really funny! Sometimes I think about bus drivers and taxi drivers and why they’re so cranky and then I imagine being stuck in an office that’s about 6m x 8m the whole day and then I understand why …

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